Photo Onesie Bundles are available to order

This particular bundle is inspired by an event that is happening in our lives right now. Our little bundle will be arriving in October, and we are super excited!

So I’ve been having a think about how to best capture those lovely milestone moments. I am a scrapbooker, so I plan to take many photos and sometimes I may need some assistance to remember how old our little one is when looking back on photos.

So a milestone recorder of some kind is needed! I like the idea of a milestone blanket, but I think the problem with these is that as baby gets more mobile, they can easily roll off the blanket before you get a decent shot. So I thought that clothing could work very well. If you are having a serious fail of a day where baby won’t sit still, you can at least get someone to hold the little monkey while you capture your shot!

So what is in the bundle?

Firstly, all of the items in this bundle are available as either onesies or t-shirts (except for the first birthday t-shirt). They can all be ordered in long-sleeve, short-sleeve or vests. Once again, except the first birthday t-shirt. The first birthday t-shirt will be available in a variety of colours, but it will depend on what is in stock when you place your order.

So the first item is a newborn onesie. This is lovely for an introductory photo for an album, social media or just your family. I love the “Hello World” design, and will most likely go for this for our first onesie. You are welcome to ask me about other ideas that you may have.

The next 11 items are the number onesies. They start with a number 1, and carry on through to 11. These are for the month milestones, starting from 1 month. You can customise the font used and the colour of the numbers. Let me know what your preferences are. I have no idea what we will be using here yet, as we are waiting until baby is born to find out their gender.

The last item in the bundle is the first birthday t-shirt. All ready for any smash-the-cake shoots you have planned, or even just for your little one’s birthday party. I’ll be using the word “One” and maybe some design elements on ours, but I will definitely share more when I know what I would like done! 

So all-in-all, you will receive a bundle with 13 items in it. They all come in the standard sizes for that age, so you will receive, one newborn, three 0-3 month, three 3-6 month, five 6-12 month and one 1-2 years sizes.

Usually if I sold all of these items separately, it would cost R1 240, but this bundle is available to order for R800. You can place an order by clicking here.

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