Homemade Happiness offers a selection of items for different events throughout the year. Whether these are calendar events like Easter and Valentine’s Day, or corporate events like team buildings or corporate branding, a wide variety of options are available for order. View the full list of our services here. View the full list of the products that we offer here. If there is something you would like made up that is not on any of the lists, please ask us if we can assist you.

Each of these events have a unique range of items that I create custom designs for each year. If you have your own ideas that you would like me to make up for you, that is also perfectly possible. Once I have a brief from you, I can research and suggest possible ideas, and we can work together to develop a product that works for your needs.

Events that we currently cater for:

  • Baby Showers
  • Back to School
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas
  • Corporate branding and events
  • Easter
  • Father’s Day
  • Halloween
  • Mother’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Weddings

Each of the events listed here are always a work in progress, meaning that new items are updated regularly. Check back here every now and again to see what is new. You can view all items associated with these events in our shop.

If you have any events that you would like items made for that are not on this list, please contact me to chat about them. I can do some research on a variety of items that you may be interested in having branded or printed on.