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HI! My name is Tamsin and this is my little business. I am a lover of graphic t-shirts, and probably have enough of them to make 3 quilts out of when I get tired of the designs I currently have. I love that our look and home are customisable and want to help more people realise how easy it is to create a look with wall art that you are happy with.

Whether it’s a small detail you’d like to add to your house, or a large wall

piece I can help you. The same goes for any clothing designs you’d like made. I can personalise them and make them truly yours. Or a custom t-shirt for one of your loved ones.

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I’m based in Somerset West, but will happily send your order to you. I enjoyed art at high school, and studied BA and Marketing at Stellenbosch University.

Homemade Happiness was launched in January 2016, and is still very much a baby! I do currently work full-time – with Homemade Happiness as my growing pet project. Hopefully
it will develop into a business I can run full-time. For now, I have received amazing support and clients who I look forward to working with in the future, as well as adding new clients and helping them with their needs.

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To stay up-to-date on my most current projects and creations, follow me on Instagram. I post about different work I’ve done for clients, as well as ideas and projects I’m developing.

Ordering Information

All orders are available internationally with payments done through PayPal.

Orders take 10 (ten) days from receipt of a deposit. It’s your choice if you would like to pay the full amount up-front, but I need a deposit for the design work and the materials that need to be bought. This also means that if you are supplying the materials, I need them 10 working days before any deadlines that you may have, to make sure I have enough time to complete them.

Rush orders, or orders that are needed immediately or a few days after payment, will have an added charge. A rush charge of 12.5% on the printing cost will be charged.

Custom designs: Design charges are included in my fees. This includes the initial design and one set of changes. After this, a 5% charge on each change will be charged.

Custom orders are non-refundable.

Vinyl work means that I am limited to the colour ranges at hand. Saying this though, there is a large variety of colours to choose from!

I take no responsibility for your items if you do not follow the care instructions provided during our conversations or upon receiving your order.