Welcome to Homemade Happiness! T-shirt Designs and Vinyl wall art

Happiness is homemade! So why not have items in your house that are custom made for you, based around your interests and make you feel happy in your home environment.

Customise your clothing – T-shirt and Hoodie Designs

I can help you with your custom t-shirt designs, as well as designs for hoodies, baby clothing, children’s clothing, bags and so much more. If you have something you’d like to add a design to, you can contact me to talk about your options.

Once I have the design you would like, I can work on it and develop it for you, either providing the clothing piece for you, or you can provide them.

Vinyl Wall Art – Decorate your home your way

Vinyl wall art is a versatile way of decorating your home. Not only can you decide on the exact designs you would like, but they are a non-permanent option. They can either be left up for a long time, or you can change your vinyl wall art as often as it suits you. It is an especially good option for renters, as you can just peel it off the wall when your lease is over.

What else can I order?

If you have a specific design or application you would like to try, let me know and I can offer assistance where I can. I can work with vinyl, papers (for invitations or something similar), acetate, and fabric cutting for appliqué. Contact me by clicking here.

All orders are available internationally with payments done through PayPal.